Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hopalong Cassie

Yep, that's my new name. I went to the doctor today and my sprain is not getting better. So I had to get a cortozone shot (OMG. OW. OW. OW.) and now I'm wearing like this walking cast-boot-thing. Very attractive. But I do walk better in it. She said that my foot is just so inflamed right now, just wear this and take the Advil. I have to go back in 3 weeks and we'll go from there. Sweet!

I need to figure out what to do with myself. Dona tells me that I need to stop internalizing work and being so stressed out. I'm extremely emotional and take everything way to hard. I'm starting to feel the way I did before my vacation, extremely agitated and tense. Then I gave myself a panic attack and hives. Now I'm getting migranes and can't relax. I don't now how to let go. Everyone else has something or someone else outside of work; I don't. I need to figure something out soon or I'm going to crack.

I did get to go to the movies with Aaron on saturday. We saw Man of the Year. The best part was just escaping for 2 hours. We saw some good previews; hopefully I'll get to see them in the theater. It had been like 2 months since I had seen my last movie. I need to do more stuff like that. It was nice to hang out with Aaron.

I'm not even watching as much tv as I used to. The only things I really watch are
1. Desparate Housewives
2. How I Met Your Mother ( Ok, I admit it- I like this show better than Friends.)
3. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip ( I love this show!)
4. Gilmore Girls
5. Dancing with the Stars
6. My Name is Earl/ The Office
7. ER
I know that seems like a lot, but it's like half of what I usually watch. Ok, well, I'm going to go attack some more of my room before the exhaustion consumes me for the evening.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Well, well, well, where to begin.... Ok, so I FINALLY went to the doctor. (My friend Melisa dragged me). The aching and swelling in my foot had turned into a burning,pulling sensation accompanied by stabbing pains in my toes. So a couple hours and a few x-rays later, I was diagnosed with an extreme sprain and have to go for a follow-up next week. My course of action right now is to wear this lovely shoe contraption. And take lots of Advil. FUN! Funny note- The doctor was looking at my xray and asked me if I had ever broken my foot and I said no. He said "Really?" And I said well, maybe a toe or two, and he said that there was evidence of an old fracture- not where my injury is now- that had somewhat healed. I have no clue when or how it happened.

I went up to Flagstaff this weekend and took some pictures of the fall leaves. It was so chilly. It snowed that night after we left. It was so pretty though.

I got my shelves from Ikea. The cabinet was really easy to put together. But the shelves- OMG. At first, I'm like, oh yeah, piece of cake. Maybe 45 minutes. Almost 3 hours later, I'm still struggling and finally my brother had to help me. I was so exhausted and my arms hurt so bad afterwards, I just collapsed on the couch and watched the last 9 episodes of season 2 of Entourage.

Well, that about sums up my life right now. Just work and exhaustion. Some day I'll do something fun.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Is there a 12-step program for workaholics?

Hi, I'm Mandi- and I'm a workaholic. (Hi, Mandi.) I don't know what's wrong with me. I have worked at least 11 hours a day the past 4 days and at least 9-10 the 4 before that. And it's not even Christmas yet. But between Dona being on a much deserved vacation, people calling out or just plain flaking out (I don't EVEN want to talk about that), and having 50 bejillion things to do, what's a girl to do? And on top of all that, I have a gray hair. I'm 27 and I'm going gray. Worst part is, I wasn't the one who discovered it. Jessica was walking past me and noticed it. Great. Fantastic.

Ok, so I do want to talk about calling out sick. Everytime anyone of them have a sniffle, they're on the phone "I'm siiiiiiick." We finally told them that at Christmas, there's NO SYMPATHY WHATSOEVER. Get your butt to work. We'll have hand sanitizer, vitamins and cough drops. And Lysol galore. This past week, Shandy has had a monster "allergy attack", Melisa came back to work 2 days after jaw surgery, and I have had a migraine, monster cramps, and my foot hurts so bad I just want to chop it off. But we have responsibilities. They just need to suck it up. No more cry-babies.

So now it's my day off and I think I'm just gonna sit on my butt and start watching season 2 of Entourage. I love that show.

Monday, September 11, 2006

God Bless America

Friday, September 08, 2006

Livin' it up like a illegitimate Hilton

I know I'm slow, but here it goes. I'm doing this in sections because- well, they're my pictures and I do what I want. So, these are my pictures of the fabulous Doubletree Hotel, my most favorite hotel in all the world.
Pretty Swanky digs, huh? I loved the bed. It had Down everything. If I could have figured out a way to pack the bed in my suitcase, I would have.

I was just playing around with my camera. I never get to use it, and I had so much fun playing around the pool. I just wanted to share some of my masterpieces with you.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Me & Audrey Hepburn

I'm going to post my pics but, first I have to tell you something amazing. On Tuesday, I was summoned up to my store, but kept out of the back room. Then they finally left me in, where everyone was grinning and giggling like huge goofballs. Dona started singing some crazy song she made up [like she always does :) ] and presented me with a cake that looked suspiciously like a certain kind of jewelry box. Then I was handed.... A TIFFANY"S BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, that's right- I got my Tiffany's bracelet! Everyone at work pitched in and got it for me! Isn't that sweet? Do you know how long I have dreamed of having a Tiffany's bracelet? I love it, I love it, I love it!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mandi's Funtastic, Fantabulous O.C. Adventure

Oh my gosh. I just had the most fantabulous vacation ever. In the history. Of the world. I don't even know where to begin. I took tons of pictures (like 8 rolls of film) but I can't get them developed until tomorrow so I'll post those later, but until then, here is my travel journey..... *cue cheesy travel music*

Friday- I woke up super early and finished packing. I got dropped off at the airport 3 hours before my flight. I love airports. I just sat and read and talked to Dona, Shandy and Jars before I left. My flight was great, other than the fact I couldn't have my lipgloss. Do you ever notice that you don't need something until you can't have it? I was kinda worried about checking my suitcase, but I got my bag okay and set off to find my shuttle. I got to my hotel (The Doubletree Anaheim/Orange County) about an hour and a half before check-in, but they let me check in early. The moment I walked in through my room's door was the exact moment I decided that I want to just travel for the rest of my life. I absolutely love flying and I love staying at hotels- they're so clean and relaxing. I unpacked and changed and decided that since I was staying at an off-shoot of the Hilton chain, I was gonna live it up like Paris's illegitimate cousin. I ate some grub at Wendy's and set off for The Block,which is an outdoor shopping center. I spent about 3 hours there, just looking around. I started getting tired so I went back to the hotel. Ok, this kinda fits in but kinda doesn't but here it goes. I came to a horrifying conclusion- Orange County doesn't have Dr. Pepper! I only had 2 the entire weekend, which I paid like $3 each for, like they had to import them in. And only 2 places that I went to had Mr. Pibb, which is what I'll settle for. Which only left Coke-Gross. My only other complaint is that LA's radio stations suck and horror of horrors- they don't have a country station! But my room had an alarm clock/stereo that I could hook my mp3 player to and rock out to Kelly and my boys(Rascall Flatts), just like at home! Yeah! Anyhoo, I took a bath and ate some dinner and ordered X-Men: The Last Stand on pay-per-view. Pretty good flick. And then I crashed in my comfy, 5 down pillow-ed bed.

I woke up, refreshed and ready to start day two of my exciting journey. I got aboard the hotel's shuttle and set off for the happiest place on earth! I haven't been to Disneyland since 1999. They hadn't even opened California Adventures yet. I got my park hopper pass and began my day. I took both my cameras with me and got some pretty cool pics. I just love walking around the park; it just makes you smile. I actually rode a lot of rides. I went on Star Tours, Mr. Toad's Bumpy Ride ( that one just cracks me up; I don't know why), Indiana Jones, Soarin' Over California (C.A.), Mulholland Madness (C.A.), and my absolute favorite, Thunder Mountain Railroad (3 times!). I was there from 9 am to 11 pm. I had to get a locker to put all my stuff in. I got soooo much stuff. I had so much fun but I was sooooo tired. I wanted to stay til close, but I just couldn't do it. I rode the train around the park and then my Disney adventure was complete. My feet were swollen, my shoulders ached, and , as I discovered when I got to my room, sunburned. But it was worth it. Lately I burn in really weird patterns. Saturday I burned on my nose, a strip on my forehead, and a strip on each arm where my shirt ends. Freaky.

Sunday- My Birthday!!!!!
I slept so hard. I took it easy in the morning, just getting b-day calls and texts from my many fans. I called for a cab and set off for the nearest beach, which just happened to be my favorite, Huntington Beach! My cab driver was really nice. He asked how long I wanted to stay and then came back for me. The beach was amazing. I seriously almost cried when I got there. I ate breakfast at Ruby's Diner at the end of the pier and then just walked around, taking pictures and getting shells. It was so amazing; I can't even describe it. I went to a couple shops on the pier and picked up a few things. My driver came back and I went back to my room where I watched Jersey Girl and went over all my treasures. And then I took a shower where I discovered while shaving that my legs were sunburned. OUCHHHHHHH!!!! I got another cab, this time with a really creepy driver and set off for The Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim (home of The Mighty Ducks) to spend my birthday evening with my Season 5 American Idols. It was an awesome concert. Made even better by the fact that theyserved Pepsi there! Yes no Coke! The fact that I'd spent more time in the sun in the past 2 days than I had in the past 2 months was catching up with me and I was exhausted when I got to the hotel. But I had to start packing and that's when it hit me- I went crazy with the shopping. I was beginning to suspect it might be easier just to move my stuff to Cali, but fortunately I discovered that my suitcase has a hidden zipper that when unzipped, expands the case an extra inch and a half. Luckily that made all the difference. I did have to buy an extra tote bag for a carry-on but what can you do? Satisfied with my work, I collapsed in bed for the night, watching Seinfeld and Sex & the City.

Monday- I just took my sweet time. I finished packing, took a shower and just watched tv. I got a later check out time because my shuttle wasn't coming til 3:45, so I didn't have to be out of my room until 2. I checked out, stored my bags at the desk and headed back to The Block, where I went to Borders and ate at Johnny Rockets. My shuttle arrived at about 4 and I checked my bag at the airport, got my first starbucks in 5 days (Ahhh), and settled in with a book. I was a little sad to be leaving, as I had had the best time of my life, but I knew it had to come to a close. I got to sit by the window (YES!) and as we took off, we flew over the ocean and the sun was just kinda getting to the point where it was thinking about setting. It was the most amazing thing I have EVER seen and it was the perfect way to end my journey. I was met at Phoenix by Dona (who I hadn't seen in almost a week prior to my trip) and she kidnapped me and we met Jars at Applebees. Then I came home and collapsed.

So it was the most perfect trip ever. I got to do all the things I wanted, when I wanted, proving that you can go on vacation by yourself in a big city without a car. And I got to do ALL my favorite things- Fly, stay in a hotel, go to a concert, take pictures, read and walk on the beach. I learned I can be by myself and have fun. I also realized that there are some things that I need to do in order to have a happier, more fufilling life than the one I have right now. But more about that later. I'll post pics as soon as I can.